Why is Peachtree Corners doing this pilot?

Peachtree Corners is working with the private sector to advance the reality of connected and autonomous shuttles, which will help provide alternative transportation options to communities across the country. This pilot will focus on cellular vehicle to everything integration, where the city's infrastructure can communicate with the shuttles, and also the shuttles will be testing vehicle to vehicle communications, as well as operating autonomously safely on public roads.

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1. Are there cameras inside the cab?
2. Do I need to wear a mask on the shuttles?
3. Do the shuttles have air conditioning and heat?
4. How fast will PAUL go?
5. How is PAUL different from the first autonomous vehicle test conducted on Technology Parkway?
6. How is PAUL powered?
7. How long is the ride?
8. How many passengers can PAUL hold?
9. How many stops will PAUL make on its route?
10. How much does it cost to ride PAUL?
11. Is it safe to ride the driverless shuttles?
12. Is PAUL ADA accessible?
13. What are the hours of operation?
14. Where does PAUL stop?
15. Why is Peachtree Corners doing this pilot?