• Sitting Room with 2 Chairs
  • Sitting Area
  • Row of Desks
  • Prototype Prime Neon Sign
  • Prototype Prime Key and 3D Printed Medallions
  • Prototype Prime Event Sign
  • People Operating 3D Printer
  • People Examining 3D Printer
  • People Chatting in Room with Empty Tables
  • Open Office Doors
  • Open Area at Prototype Prime
  • Mayor Speaking with 3 People
  • Mayor and Wife Speaking with Man
  • Interview with Mayor of Peachtree Corners
  • Group of People Talking
  • Group in a Room with 3D Printer
  • Executive Consultant of Prototype Prime
  • Executive Consultant Meeting with People
  • Executive Consultant Handing Medallions to Council Members
  • Executive Consultant and Mayor
  • Conference Room
  • Buffet of Finger Foods
  • Audience Listening to Speaker
  • 3D Printer
  • 2 Women on a Stage

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