Political Sign Guidelines

Signs Allowed Without a Permit (Zoning Code Sec. 86-111):

  1. Yard Signs – Either one sign that is no more than 16 square feet in area or up to four signs with each sign limited to a maximum of 4 square feet in area are allowed per lot. Each sign shall be no taller than 3 feet above ground level at the street.
  2. Window Signs – Signs placed in windows that do not exceed 20% of the window area. 

Signs Allowed With a Permit (Zoning Code Sec. 86-109):

  1. Banner – One banner allowed per road frontage no greater than 16 square feet and attached to a pole, mast arm, or other structure. A 21-day, non-renewable permit can be purchased for $50. 
  2. Ground Sign – One ground sign up to 75 square feet can be placed on a vacant lot where no other signs are located. Maximum height varies by location. This is considered a permanent sign and requires drawings, specifications, footing, etc. Contact Building Official (678-691-1207) for more information. 

Prohibited Signs (Zoning Code Sec. 86-108):

  1. Signs placed in street right-of-ways, in medians, or on any public property (park, library, post office, city hall, etc. As a general guideline, no signs should be closer than 10 feet from the back of the street curb. If the utility poles in the area are greater than 10 feet from the back of the curb signs can be placed no closer to the street, then the utility pole).  
  2. Signs attached to traffic control devices such as speed limit or stop signs, portable trailers, curb or A-frame type signs, and streamers. 
  3. Roof signs
  4. Moving signs
  5. Signs placed on private property without the owner’s permission. 

For questions about the placement or removal of signs, please call Code Enforcement (678-609-8820). 

For questions about sign permits and construction, please call the Building Official (678-691-1207).