Security Camera Registration Program


The City of Peachtree Corners has launched Connect Peachtree Corners, a free and voluntary home/business security camera registration program open to anyone who lives or operates a business within the city limits. If you have a private security camera at your home or business, and you are interested in assisting in an investigation in the event of a crime in your neighborhood, you can register your camera with Connect Peachtree Corners. By registering your camera, you are simply allowing local law enforcement to contact you in the event of a crime in your area. 

Connect Peachtree Corners is a partnership between the City of Peachtree Corners, Gwinnett County Police Department, and Fusus, which operates on a voluntary basis with homeowners, neighborhoods, and business owners who own private video surveillance systems. 

This program will create a real-time security camera location map that can be used by law enforcement when investigating a crime within Peachtree Corners.  It cannot and will not be used for active surveillance, and no one will not have direct access to a home or business owner’s cameras. Those who register a camera may be contacted if a crime occurs in the vicinity of their camera where footage could assist law enforcement.

Information provided by residents and businesses will be maintained in a secure database.

Connect Peachtree Corners Online Camera Registry Portal

We encourage homeowners, HOAs, and businesses to partner with Peachtree Corners in our efforts to make the city a safer community in which to live, work, and play.  Camera registration takes less than one minute and is completed via this secure online portal.

Prevention and Prosecution

Video evidence is critical in the solving of both violent and non-violent crimes around the country.  Your camera system can assist law enforcement in preventing, solving, and prosecuting crimes.  Security cameras can prevent crime as criminals may be less likely to strike if they know they will be recorded. 

Additionally, security cameras create leads for law enforcement when a crime occurs in or around your home or business. This program allows law enforcement to quickly locate potential crucial video evidence without the need for outdated knock-and-answer canvassing. 

Where video evidence is available, it lessens the need for the home/ business owner to attend court proceedings, and aid in the effective prosecution of crimes.

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